Piece of Mind- My Recent Laziness

August 8 2014                                           Today I'm just going to talk about things that have recently been in m...

August 8 2014

Today I'm just going to talk about things that have recently been in my mind.  
Small future plans and my recent laziness that has taken over my vacation. 
So let's get started.

Recently I found myself being a bit lazy.. Okay REALLY lazy.
I don't know if it's because I'm always home or the environment I'm in is always so laid back but when the day come I find myself doing absolutely nothing and waiting the hours away. 
Then I go to bed at mid-night and wake up late the next morning to repeat the process. 
I think because I'm doing nothing much during the day it's affecting me mentally and now I can't sleep. I take hours (more than usual) to fall asleep. 

I think I developed this attitude because I had too much vacation time. During finals all the seniors were to stay home unless they had an exam, then didn't have to come to school until grad and prom. Because of this I basically had an early vacation with nothing much to do. Especially since this was my last year in high school so now I can't even say I'm going to study for next term.  

Because of this lazy attitude my art has been struggling. I cannot concentrate on poems, my drawings isn't up to my standards and I can't get in the mood to paint x.x 
 Sooo to get out of this lazy attitude that I have, I decided to do a art study on one of my favorite Instagram personalities. 
This will hopefully give me more practice in drawing and illustrating. Even painting if I wish to paint her.  I chose five pictures in her Instagram and I hope to complete all five or at least four by the end of next week. To ensure that I don't waste anymore time I've collected the pictures and materials ahed of time. Hopefully I get rid of this lazy attitude. 

I also plan in doing a film that hopefully I can post to YouTube. It'll be completely for fun and just so I have stuff to do. There's only three more weeks left in this vacation and for some reason I think that I won't be starting school again until January. My mom tells me not to worry but I can't help but have that feeling so I need to plan loads of stuff to keep me busy. 

I have loads of things planned for this blog.. If only you can see my drafts lol. I just need to get off my 'arse' and start. 

Wish me luck?


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