Visiting Art Galleries 21/03/15

So yesterday Elizabeth and I went to two art galleries with my art class. We had alot of fun viewing the talents on our island and we decided to vlog and take pictures to share with you guys. The first gallery we visit was YArt Gallery I loved the design of this place. It's so white, clean and very modern the people there had no problem with us taking pictures so we took alot! I didn't post all though (to much editing and time haha) We then visited another art gallery (the name slipped my mind and I really don't want to say the wrong name) this one had a totally different feel from the other. It was very cosy and warm. One thing I didn't like was because of the lac of window there was artificial lights on the painting and it ruined some of the pictures when i was trying to shoot it. My art teacher actually exhibited some of his painting here that time the one below is one of his. 

And then we have some vertical photos from both galleries 

We then did alot of makeup shopping on our way back home haha look out for when AngelOfBeauty does a haul post on this blog about it! 

Thank you so much for reading, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section down below, I'll see you later my imaginary readers! Bye 


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