Why I'm a bit frustrated

Hey guys, Angel of Beauty here with a different than my usual posts today. Yes, I know I normally post about make-up and beauty, but this ...

Hey guys, Angel of Beauty here with a different than my usual posts today.
Yes, I know I normally post about make-up and beauty, but this post kinda covers a bit about,well about myself. You see, recently I've been trying not to get too frustrated, and I'll tell you why..

Okay so this year I've started the first steps in a lot of amazing things that I've wanted to do for a long while now. For instance Steph(Stephanie) and I started saving our butts of to put towards our wonderful plans or the fact that I finally started a YouTube channel, yes! this is something I'm really excited about, however this is the main reason for me being a bit frustrated and worried, but let me explain better so you can understand why.. I started by just posting two or three random videos like my momz(great grandmother) dancing at her 100th birthday party, or me just pranking my sister, but nothing special really cause that was just until I officially started being a youtuber and this year I decided I will! I made videos painting my artwork, a little bit of blogging and even a few bonuses that I was excited about. I even had two or three of the videos already edited and ready to be uploaded with it's own thumbnail and others waiting to be put together. This was it, I saw it all finally coming together and I was ecstatic!
These files were all saved in a single folder on my laptop 'YouTube video, videos' and it was in another folder with all of my pictures and I was beginning to back up my files like my dad suggested because the entire desktop was covered in files and folders and it was hard to even see the wallpaper image lol. So I bought a flash drive and transfered everything else until it was full. I had everything transfered except my YouTube and favourite pictures folder on the flash so I said no buggy, this folder can go on a new separate flash drive since it meant soo much to me. Now, on the same day that I'm transferring my files, the laptop starts sticking and the screen becomes frozen, I said okay something similar happened before and it just needed to be left alone for a while so I took it off and left it there.
Later that same day the computer fell with very hard crash on the floor! I began to panic and hope it was okay, but since that day the computer never came on, it's been about over a week and when turned on the computer just beeps and stays at a black screen.. I was devastated and Daddy took the computer to his IT people at work. I'm really hoping and praying that the hard drive isn't damaged so my files can be retrieved and I can share it with you guys. Hope and pray with me because everything I worked so extremely hard on is on that system and I would love to know it's okay ^_^
These pics just show an example of what I had planned for my youtube viewers and although at this moment there's not a lot going on on my channel, if you guys want to help and support me as I overcome these obstacles and build my channel, you can simply head on over and subscribe to my channel where you'd be able to also see those videos if they're retrieved. If you're reading this, that means you'veread my really long post and o love you for it! Thank you soo much for your support and being here! I have so much planned for my Awesome viewers!
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoon3OHIwBGRB8waE7oQaRQ

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  1. OH MY GORSH! I probably would be waking up in the middle of the night with panic attacks if something like that happened. I really hope things work out for the best. Good luck with your youtube channel! Your water colour paintings are so beautiful :)

    Olive Needs Popeye


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