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Hey guys Stephanie here! Today I thought I'd talk about my favs this month (maybe of all time) They are pretty random but I do love them all lol so lets just get into it!

My  50mm f/1.8 II  lens is my newest and most used lens right now. I'm using it alot because it's my first prime lens and I'm trying to get used to the no zoom thing haha. The lens is really good for the price and though their are some issues if you treat it with care it won't break on you. For a lens I'd probably give this a 7/10 ^.^ 
Lipsticks!!  Did I mention that I have a new obsession for lipsticks? lol I think I did. I now have quite a few lipsticks and even though all their formulas are different and I gotta do different techniques for them to say on I love them all haha.  I've mentioned a few before so I'm not going to repeat myself but I'm just gonna say that lipsticks is my new thing and I don't think I'm going to stop loving them soon >.< 

My LA Girl gel eyeliner  now I've tried a good bit of liquid eyeliner and non of them is as easy to use and last as long as this. It's applied with a brush and there's no ugly lines that liquid eyeliner makes when you apply. The color is a nice dark black and it's eye to blend if you want to use it for a smokey eye. This is my go to eyeliner when I feel like putting on makeup lol. 

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy my little post this week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below ^.^  See you next week 


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