Trinidad Animarket 2015 Experience

Alright so Saturday at UWI held this event called Animarket. It was a market that sold Asian related stuff and also held a couple of competitions throughout the day. There were cosplay competitions, ramen eating competitions, karaoke you name it! I swear this event was everything I expected it to be and I had alot of fun spending my money lol. Here are a few pictures from the event. I had planned to take more but I got myself a bit distracted with everything that was going on.. also there was barely room to stand still and take a picture lol that place was packed!

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  1. Wow! Looks like a lot of fun!
    I love to watch karaoke competitions, even if I'm not good at it at all.
    Xo. Deborah

    1. haha yeah it was soo much fun that I forgot I had to take pictures to blog about the experience lol

  2. HAHA. I wish that I was there!!! UGH! There are so many cute anime stuff in your photographs. Great pics. :)
    Olive Needs Popeye

    1. aw thanks so much even though I could have worked harder on my pics, all the anime stuff distracted me! >.<


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