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As a graphic design major and photographer I'm supposed to have a good knowledge of most things photoshop, image manipulation and editing.. you'd think that right? Well honestly all I know is how to perfectly edit a picture >.< Don't get me wrong I'm a great photographer and graphic designer it's just that my knowledge in the big fancy smartsy programs is probably the same as my mom (okay I'm not that bad x.x) I've waited for a really long time to finally get my hands on one of these awesome editing monsters but now I've found myself utterly confused and overwelmed.. You see I actually do have a basic knowledge on programs like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign but I had to graduate before my high school graphics teacher could even touch photoshop. So now I find myself digging through the internet for tutorials and being bombarded with error messages while trying to so something other than basic photo editing x.x I guess this is my way of crying for help? Do you guys have any good tutorial links you'd like to share with me? Help a sister out please?

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  2. I'v found some cool editing tutorials HERE


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