Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer                                                        Hey guys, Elizabeth here to spice up the blog a b...

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer
Hey guys, Elizabeth here to spice up the blog a bit with cool DIYs, beauty tips and more,,,
Today, my first post is for the gals where I'll just be starting with a very simple, quick and easy beauty tip. And although it's very simple and easy to follow, I've included lots of pictures just for you^_^
Now, as us girls already know, Keeping your lipstick on your lips can be a challenge for a lot of us sometimes. And yes, there are some good long-wear lip products out there on the market that may be a bit ore expensive than regular lip-stick, but today I have here's a trick for you to make your lipstick long-lasting, using your regular lipstick and just about two other items that I guarantee is right there in your house. Well, let's begin shall we!? ---->

Firstly, choose the lipstick that you would like to use, it can be any type or colour lipstick you have/want to wear.
When you have selected your desired lipstick you can go ahead and apply is as usual, whether you apply lip-liner first or not, it's all kewl ;)


Then, you just want to get a roll of TP or soft tissue paper.
You are not going to need to use much of this at all, in fact you'll barely be using any.

Now, you would just need one single sheet of tissue paper/ tear off one square off of the entire roll and you can set the roll aside because we would only be using that single square. 

Now that we have just one square, we just want to find the end and begin to separate the Tpaper in two, by peeling off one ply(layer).
When one of the layers is peeled off, you should now have a very thin ply of paper.

Now, place the thin layer of paper over your lip with the lipstick you applied earlier.Then, you just want to take some loose or pressed powder and pass it over the paper on top of your lips.  Note: you can also apply a little of the powder directly on your lips, skipping all the steps that includes the tissue paper. also note that placing it directly over your lip will dull the colour of your lipstick. 

Now, especially if you applied the powder directly to your lip, you would want to re-apply your lipstick over the powder to restore the lipstick's colour. This step of re-applying the lipstick is optional for those who did not apply the powder directly to the lip.
Now, after less than two minutes, you can go out and enjoy the longer lasting effect that your lipstick now have. :)

Love you all my beauties! Till next time
Xoxo  - Angel Of Beauty

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