Tea Time Thursday

Welcome to my first segment of Tea Time Thursday! On this segment I talk about random things that's happening in my life, my though...

Welcome to my first segment of Tea Time Thursday! On this segment I talk about random things that's happening in my life, my thoughts and new ideas that I'm thinking up. This Thursday is actually quite special. Here in my small country of Trinidad and Tobago, we celebrate a Hindu festival called Divali. Even through I'm not Hindu I still partake in the fireworks and celebration (it's always good to respect other people's religion ) Soon there will be a post uploaded where I talk about some of the things that goes on at this time. 

Even though Divali is supposed to be the festival of Light today I must admit, it is quite gloomy. The never ending rain is making it hard to feel inspired and it keeps me wondering if there will be the lighting of dyers tonight. I hope this rain holds up for the night. 
For me my cycle came this morning and because of the cold it's hard for me to not be cranky. 

Well anyway.. let's move on to today's or should I say this week's thoughts. I've discovered in this week that it's a bit (only a bit) easier to write posts that are interesting. I guess after I cleared away the thoughts of my blog being like everyone else, I finally have room to create new and interesting ideas. Yay me! 
I'm actually working on a photography series that will help new photographers and bloggers learn more about their cameras. This first post is already up! If you'd like to read it then please click  here

Last week I ate so much crap that I made a bet with myself.. 'No Junk Next Week' and I'm proud to say that this week I am absolutely JUNK FREE! And it wasn't that hard honestly. For four months now I've been on a fitness journy and though I've seen alot of results I'm beginning to lose motivation to go to the gym and to eat healthy. Last week was the worst because I ate so much crap I felt like I was just wasting my time at the gym. I'm really glad that  made this bet with myself because I feel soo much better right now. I feel as if I have more energy and my conscience is clear. I'm definatly doing this bet again next week. Oh and that leaves me with a question.. What do you guys do to stay motivated? I really need some help with this because i find it hard to get myself ready to go to the gym these days. Even though when I get there I'm happy I went but still.. IT'S GETTING HARDER GUYS! I need help x.x. 

Opps.. I just drank the last of my tea (I need to make a bigger cup next time) so I guess I'm ending this session here. If you have any thoughts about this post or would just like to share your week please feel free to comment below and if you have any advice on how to stay motivated please please please do share. I'll see you in my next post guys bye! and Happy Divili to my Hindu friends out there! 


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