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I'm a person with many interests. They vary from Music to Kpop to Photography to Art such as drawing and painting to Graphic Arts to Y...

I'm a person with many interests. They vary from Music to Kpop to Photography to Art such as drawing and painting to Graphic Arts to Youtube to Style to Fashion to Makeup to Cooking to Crafting and so on. so it's very hard for me to decide what exactly I should blog about. Everyone recommends that you have a specific theme throughout or to just talk about what you're passionate about, but what if what I'm passionate about is more than five things? Will my readers be confused and decide not to follow me? Will I lose people along the way when they find out I like Korean music and they don't? All these things run through my mind of what is the right thing I should do. Because of this problem I've read so many blogs in search to find that one other blog that is as random and varied as I am and sadly to say I still haven't met that blog yet. But even so, why do I need another person as example for me to verify that I can write about my varied interests? I don't even have much of an audience yet..
I've come to the conclusion that writing a blog is indeed hard work and honestly I'm very scared of what people have to say about the topics I write on. So far I mostly share my poems but soon I'm starting a Photography series where new photographers can learn how to improve their photography and learn how to use their cameras, I'm also planning a Culture series where I talk about the festivals and celebrations that takes place in my Twin Island State Trinidad and Tobago. I'm also planning to feature some realistic back to school outfits. As you can probably tell my blog is going to be filled with so many different topics and as great as these ideas are I'm a bit afraid that some readers wouldn't appreciate the differentness of what Have to offer.
I guess these are the troubles of us creative human beings that decides to share our thoughts to the world.
I'll have to stop worrying about people's opionions and just do what makes me happy and what feels right.
If youre excited and looking forward to any of my up and comming topics I just mentioned please suscribe for more and even comment your thoughts and opinions. It's fun and interesting to hear other people's thoughts so I hope one day my silent readers find the voice inside them and leaves me a supprise comment.
I hope you guys have a blessed and productive day and remember time wasted on doing something you enjoy is not wasted time. Keep reading!


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