I'm not dead

I'm not dead I swear!

I'm not dead I swear!

I just.. been busy and haven't found the inspiration to write.. or is it that there's nothing interesting to write about? hmm the second one I think. I'm really sorry I've not been posting since the year started but how about i give you an update?  I now have my drivers license so I no longer use public transport as much though sometimes (like going to the gym) I do cuz there's never parking there =_=. School has started and I'm doing well so far and hmm.. that's it? lol see! my life is so boring this is why I haven't posted. In terms of my business development I've finally pin point who my target audience is and so far I've gotten a few customers.. If you guys want a post more about that you can leave a comment down below and I'll definitely do one. Hmm what else is there to say? Oh! I recently tried my hand at vlogging and posted a mini vlog on my youtube channel ( I ain't no expert or anything) but I thought it turned out well. The video is posted up above.

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