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|These pictures were taken from the OMG Magazine facebook cover pictures, see HERE | Now as the owner of this blog I can say w...

|These pictures were taken from the OMG Magazine facebook cover pictures, see HERE|

Now as the owner of this blog I can say what I want right? I can speack my mind as freely as I want to. So today I'll be introducing you to an online Caribbean magazine called 'The OMG Digital Magazine.'

No this post is not sponsored, I just thought that as a Caribbean blogger and a Trini that I should give my opinion on this magazine. Their slogan or memo (is that what you call them?) is this 'Trinidad and Tobago's first weekly Digital Entertainment Magazine - Passionately promoting the aspirations of generation NOW!' or at least that's what they say in their facebook short description and in their long description they say 

 'The OMG Digital Magazine is a weekly digital publication that passionately promots the aspirations of generation now. You will also get the latest entertainment news, relationship issues, juicy confessions, meet rising sport stars, hotty of the week, fashion trends, new restaurants, latest music and music videos, plus local and foreign entertainment news.'

Now first off I'd just like to say that I'm glad that there is such a magazine out there for us to read and that the idea of the magazine is great but when you subscribe to get the magazine the content seems to be lacking. They advertise as a magazine that can appeal to our younger generation but it seems that their target audience is to only one or two types of young people. They also seem to only appeal to 'young people' of a certain age that is people in their mid twenties and a bit older. So.. even though I like the idea of the magazine.. there still seem to be some major problems with how they write their articles.

But it's not all bad, the magazine does feature artists, musicians, athletes and many other cultural stuff that makes it still an enjoyable read. I'd just like to see the magazine move away a bit from the party life and share some other stuff that different types of teens and young people can enjoy. 

If you'd still like to check out the free online magazine this is their site OMG Magazine.

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  1. Nice! seems like a honest review and it's also an interesting read. :)


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