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Sometimes I feel like if it's not a formal post, that I shouldn't be publishing it.. I forget sometimes that is this my blog and that I choose whatever I want to post. Sometimes I just get caught up with readers reaction I think that I forget that this blog is for my thoughts and whatever I want. 

Well anyways I have a few things I want to mention in this post. First thing is that this blog is almost a year old! I never thought that I'd come to it.. I mean.. It was my goal to stick with it but sometimes you make promises with yourself but never really follow through. But I did and this blog will be a year old soon! Now when someone ask "How long have you been writing on the blog?" I can proudly say "A year " >.< This is exciting! I've reached a milestone!!! (not really lol) 
Another thing that is now a year old is my personal journal. I started it a month (I think) before I started this blog and that too I've kept for a solid year.  Though I've been more faithful to this blog than that journal they are both a year haha. I was so proud when I noticed this that I thought I'd share with you guys.  Blogging has been exciting and frustrating but I really love the process and end results haha. 
Oh there's one other thing different with this blog. Yes my look had changed (hours of coding and research went into my current layout since I do everything myself!) but that's not only what's different. My co-author AngelofBeauty is no longer blogging with me. Yes she only posted (I think) two blog posts in her time working with me but she was an active motivator behind the scenes. She always gave her feedback on my posts and listened to my ideas for new posts so thanks girl! 
The photos used in this blog post are photos that I took about two years ago when I had no advanced knowledge in photography and just loved taking pictures. Some were taken around my yard at the time. They fit this post because It shows how much I improved. I took these photos using automatic functions on my Cannon Rebel T3i. I love them because they show my simple love of photography at the time. 
Well that's it really.. I just wanted to share this exciting achievements with you and also give you an update on authors. Thank you so much for reading be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts of this post and also on post suggestions that you'd like to see here. 

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  1. That's pretty cool that you kept your journal for so long I have trouble remembering I have one after a month! haha and congrats on your blog's one year anniversairy!

  2. I didn't realize it's been a whole year, congradulations! I know I haven't been on the blog that whole year plus I posted about at least five blog posts(by Angel of Beauty) because my computer got destroyed and all that, so that's probably why I didn't realise an entire year has come and gone. Wow time flys! But at least now I have a computer and can continue posting via my blog and do everything I have to do as often as I need to!.. I know we're always working on something together so I look foward to those in the future.. congrats again and keep up the good work! :)


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